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All Pro Water provides you the convenience of dropping off salt bags to your home. We have various service plans to make the routine maintenance of your water treatment system virtually disappear.

The Hague product line of water filtration systems provide "better water for life" for our customers and their families by offering them the most technologically advanced water treatment solution for their homes and life styles.

Our water treatment solutions provide the best water available on the market today, giving our family the quality water they need that is essential for a healthier life style that gives them freedom and peace of mind. Our water is essential to our family and home. We rely on our water to clean our clothes, for cooking, bathing, washing dishes and life support for our bodies.

Hague Watermax - City System

  • Has built-in chlorostat that removes chlorine throughout your entire home
  • Utilizes high capacity fine mesh resin, vacuum VIBRAPAKED TM for maximum treatment of hardness
  • Doubles the life of your water heater and other water using appliances
  • Saves money on soaps, detergents, shampoos, lotions and cleaning products up to 75%
  • Save up to 30% on energy costs for cooking appliances and hot water heater
  • Factory warranty guarantees water softening and chlorine removal for your whole house for a period of 25 years—with no change of media
  • Has the highest salt efficiency rating in the industry
  • Regenerates in as short a time as 12 minutes and uses as little as 16 gallons of water per regeneration (best in the industry)
  • Has built-in self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter (as little as 5 microns)

Hague Watermax - Well System

ALL PRO WATER will test your water and install a system configured specifically for the characteristics of your well water. Call to schedule a comprehensive overview of how WATERMAX® will improve the quality of your water!

Hague H3500 Reverse Osmosis

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

The real flavor of water refreshes and satisfies. But today, enjoying a drink of water may not be as simple as filling your glass from the tap. Even when treated by an approved municipal water system , the goodness of water is often marred by minerals, organic matter or chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis is a filtration process used for water. It works by using pressure to force a solution through a membrane, retaining the solute (dissolved solids) on one side and allowing the treated solvent (water) to pass to the other side.

The membranes used for reverse osmosis water systems have a dense barrier designed to allow only water to pass through, while preventing the passage of solutes (such as salt ions). This process requires that a high pressure be exerted on the high concentration side of the membrane.

The H6500 Difference

The H3500 Reverse Osmosis drinking system. Is a simple, cost-effective solution to providing cleaner, better tasting water right at the tap. It is also environmentally friendly. With the H3500 system from All Pro Water, you will have the highest quality drinking water without the bottle. Our premium drinking water system provides:

  • 300% more efficiency than other Reverse Osmosis systems Delivers highly polished "ingredient water" for all kitchen uses.
  • Four Stage Filtration system that uses the highest quality coconut carbon with dual pre-filters. This means all the bad tastes and odors are eliminated and the threat of harmful contaminants is substantially reduced.
  • 3.1 gallon storage tank, giving you plenty of storage capacity.

Hague Twin Intermediate Line

  • The Twin Intermediate line is designed for restaurants. Six models are available with flow rates ranging from 9.25 to 37 gpm.
  • Valve: 1" top mounted valve allows for high flow rates and eliminates external piping. Valve contains only one internal moving part, which guarantees long life and service-free operation.
  • Maximum Resin Bed Depth: Longer water contact, more effective filtering and better salt economy.
  • Energy-Miser Controller; Simple, effective and uses a mere 10 to 15 cents a month in electricity!
  • Meter Initiated Regeneration: Regenerates only as needed, saving salt and water.
  • Corrosion Proof Tanks: Features fiberglass wound media tanks and plastics brine tanks for strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

Hague HydroClean HC3

The HC 3 is conventional technology pushed to the limits. You get maximum efficiency and unsurpassed quality. The HC 3 has proven to be a quality water softener with over 7 years' of use in over 500,000 U.S. homes. The HydroClean HC 3 will provide you with years of quality water.
  • Unpleasant odors, tastes, and colors are eliminated.
  • Hard water deposits, like calcium, are filtered out.
  • You'll save money by using less soap in bathing, laundry, and in the kitchen.
  • Soap scum will no longer be an issue.
  • Soft water will give you brighter and cleaner clothes.
  • Your pipes and water heater will love you.
  • You get a 15 year limited warranty.


Water Softener & Filtration Repair

Our service department works on all water treatment systems and water softeners and provides service, repairs, and filter changes.

Reverse Osmosis

All Pro Water provides filter replacement for all Hague brands and most other brands of reverse osmosis systems.

Salt Delivery

All Pro Water provides you the convenience of dropping off salt bags to your home. We have various service plans to make the routine maintenance of your water treatment system virtually nonexistent.
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